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Main businesses

Common businesses such as winning orders, sales, purchase, storage, transport, environment improvement, trademarks and services, and creation, management and operation of a complex and common facilities

Application for mediation to the authority concerned in case of intending to mediating businesses among members or a non SME violating the Cooperative's business scope

Lending or mediating business funds to members and borrowing funds for Cooperative's own business

Research and test the products dealt with by members

Businesses related to guidance, R&D, education and information provision concerning the management, technology and quality control of the businesses of members

Conclusion of other collective contracts to seek members' economic interest

Export/import products of members on behalf of members or export/import for the Cooperative's own business

Businesses commissioned by the state · local governments, federation or alliance

Welfare and benefits for members

Installation and management of overseas exhibitions and booths for promoting to export products of members

Other businesses approved by the authority concerned as a profit business necessary for achieving the purpose of establishment

Other supplementary businesses